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A PPC agency can be a game-changer for many businesses. At DBS we understand you want your website to get more visits from people who are likely to buy your products and services, in order to generate more leads and sales to grow your business.

In order for that to happen, one of the key places your business needs to be found is Google. 9 out of 10 internet searches in the UK are carried out on Google. In fact, it is the most visited website in the UK and the world. People use Google to find what they need, when they need it.

Your website needs to appear on Google when people search for words and phrases (known as keywords) that are highly relevant to your business.

If they don't find your website, they'll find one of your competitors instead.

The fastest and most reliable way to get to the top of Google is by using Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, also known as Google Ads.


A PPC agency that takes away your digital headache, so you can focus on other areas of your business

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Our qualified Pay Per Click (PPC) specialists have a huge amount of knowledge, experience and skills gained from helping businesses for over 15 years.

You deserve to work with a digital marketing agency you can trust, who get results, and have your company’s increased revenue as their priority

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Lead Generation

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We understand that you’re busy running your business, and that even if you had time you probably wouldn’t know where to start.
That’s why our clients came to us...

PPC trends change so quickly it can be difficult to keep up
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Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Your PPC ads will be shown to the right people in the right place with the right message at the right time. With PPC ads we control the keywords you appear for, the geographical area you appear in and the amount you pay. You will decide what you daily budget is and your ads will stop when it runs out. This means that you won't spend more than you intend. We can change your budget at any time. Not only that, but your business can start seeing results from day one.

Our PPC services include:

Account Optimisation To get the best return from your pay per click advertising it needs to be regularly reviewed. We monitor, review and analyse your PPC campaigns regularly to ensure optimal performance and the best return on investment.
Keyword Research Before setting anything up we research the most popular, relevant terms that are being searched for on Google. From that, we ensure your website comes up for the right searches relating to your business. There is no limit to the number of keywords we add to your PPC campaigns.
PPC Ad Creation We create your PPC campaign and craft your adverts showcasing your business's unique selling points and calls to action. When people click on them, they will land on the most appropriate page of your website to save your prospects struggling to find what they are looking for.
Bidding and Budgets Google Ads is essentially an online auction. We bid on relevant keywords against other businesses who want to appear for the same terms and manage the bidding process to get the best possible results from your budget.
Reporting You receive a report each month as well as a live report which shows the performance of your PPC campaigns in real time. We work with you to set targets for your PPC campaigns that allow both you and DBS to measure the performance of your marketing.

The only search engine other than Google that your business may benefit from is Bing. Between 5 and 8% of UK internet searches are carried out on Bing. This is a lot less than Google, but a relevant search on Bing is as valuable as a search on Google. Therefore, we may recommend running a supportive Pay Per Click campaign on Bing too. Using both Bing and Google means that you can reach 95% of the searches that are relevant to you. Additionally, we find Bing PPC campaigns cost a lot less than Google PPC campaigns which is a definite perk to the combined approach.

Work with a transparent PPC agency

It is critical to choose a PPC agency that doesn’t promise results that may not be possible to achieve. PPC is undoubtedly a great method to increase website traffic and in turn increase performance, there are no guarantees. This is due to the ever-changing nature of search engines, changes in the industry, changes in tactics from competitors, and lastly even the seasons. However, if you work with your chosen PPC agency, they will help you spot the trends and get you results.

This is how we do it...

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1. Arrange a

Book a call today so that we can get to know you and your business needs

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2. Receive your digital growth plan

You receive a bespoke success plan based on your business needs and goals to increase your revenue.

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3. Together we grow your business

Our team start work on implementing your plan and you receive regular performance reports and feedback.