A graphic of the DBS team sat around a table talking to eachother.

About DBS

Proud to be an employee-owned business

For Team DBS Digital, being an employee-owned business signifies our unwavering commitment and care to the growth and development of our staff as well as our clients. We are dedicated and fully invested to providing valuable digital solutions and exceptional service to our clients because we understand that our clients’ successes are intertwined with our own.

The word “Team” is also crucial for what we want to achieve. It’s about working together to create a lasting legacy- a business that will be handed down through generations within the DBS family. As there is no sole business owner to take the profits, it means we can reinvest in the business to fuel future growth but also ensure the profits benefit the staff and reward their hard work through competitive salaries and an array of company perks. We love that we can pass on the profits directly to our employees and our goal is to be an employer of choice.

Our company culture is built upon the nurturing and development of team members, fostering their growth within their roles through our commitment to ongoing coaching and training. This approach ensures the long-term sustainability and expansion of our “family” business. Our team understands the profound impact of small cumulative improvements- those little 1% differences that, over time, compound into something remarkable.

Our History

DBS began as a print advertising agency in 1996 and we've evolved a lot since those early days.

These days we're a fully-fledged website and digital marketing agency with a team of specialists. Our experienced website designers and digital marketing professionals work as one team. We combine their skills so we can offer an integrated website and digital marketing service. We do this to provide a digital solution that works.

We have experience in website design and marketing in a variety of industry sectors and know how to adopt a strategy that works. The key to our success is always tailoring our approach to the needs of each business.

Our team loves helping businesses grow and we know our integrated approach makes a difference.

DBS is a strong, well-established, hardworking
and dedicated team underpinned by these core values

Customer Service

Do what we say we are going to do
Always available
Good communication
Meet deadlines
Respond quickly to our clients
Know our clients’ needs
Get & care about results

Cutting Edge

Responsive to change
Dedicated to training and development

Ethics and Morals

Honest in our dealings
Treat others like we would like to be treated
Take responsibility for errors
Not hard sell – recommend the right products / services to our clients