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Don’t get left behind by competitors because your website is vulnerable – secure it and keep it online with our hosting services.

Robust, reliable web hosting for your business

Your website will be hosted on DBS's UK based dedicated server.

Our dedicated server contains solid state drives (SSD's). Each drive is set up so if one fails the others will continue to function, meaning your website will not go offline if a drive fails. As an extra precaution, we frequently monitor all the websites on our server, so we know straight away if there are any issues.

Cheaper web hosting often means unreliable web hosting and comes with poor customer service. That can mean your website only has a small amount of storage, slower speeds and longer downtime if there is a serious failure.


Secure web hosting and site protection to protect your business

Your website security is paramount to us. That’s why we have a firewall with restricted access for our dedicated server.

Developers regularly release software updates to protect you from hackers and any new threats to your website.

As part of our website hosting package, we include site protection. This means we continually check and install any software and security updates and patches that your website needs.

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Our Hosting Services:

Secure Hosting

Secure Hosting

Security is as important to us as it is to you, which is why we use a 24/7 monitored dedicated server to host your website.

Site Protection

Site Protection

Your website will kept up to date with the latest security and software updates to protect against cyber-attacks.



Your website will be backed up daily to ensure that it can be restored as soon as possible, if required.

We also assist with hosting migration, so you can move everything over to us hassle-free.