WordPress vs Shopify – which is best for my business?

WordPress and Shopify are two of the most commonly used content management system (CMS) platforms, so it is no surprise you are considering these options to build your website.

A CMS is a piece of software that enables you to easily create a website and manage content without having to use programming languages such as HTML and CSS.

Main difference

The core difference between these two popular CMS platforms is that WordPress is an open-source platform, whereas Shopify is a dedicated e-commerce platform.

This means that WordPress can be used to build brochure websites as well as e-commerce websites, but Shopify is only a suitable option for e-commerce websites.

Therefore, if you are not planning on selling directly from your website, Shopify is not going to be the ideal CMS platform for you.


Shopify is a hosted solution, whereby everything runs from Shopify’s servers. This means that you do not need to source a third party to host your website or worry about installing and updating software.

WordPress has both hosted and self-hosted options available, which means you can opt for an all in one platform like Shopify, or take care of the hosting and domain yourself. The benefits of the latter is that you have more control, and it can work out to be more cost-effective.

Ease of use

You do not need to have strong technical, digital or design skills to build a website using Shopify or WordPress, thanks to the themes and the plugins or apps available on both.

No coding is required, however, those that have the capability to write and edit HTML and CSS, can do so if they wish to further customise their site.

Ideal users

Shopify’s core users are those that want an online store, but lack web development skills, and do not have the budget to hire a developer to build their website.

WordPress is ideal for a wider range of users, from novices to experts, and those that wish to hire a developer to build the site on their behalf, as it is more versatile than Shopify. However, WordPress is typically more complex to navigate and to configure a website on.

For novices, there are plugins you can use to aid website design and development, such as Divi or Elementor, which allow you to visualise your site as you build it.


If you have extensive web development experience or the budget to hire someone that does, then you will be able to achieve a bespoke website with open-source WordPress.

With the WooCommerce plugin, you can create an e-commerce store much like what you could make on Shopify.

There are a lot of ways you can modify a Shopify site using apps. However, with you being restricted to hosting your website on Shopify’s servers if you opt for their CMS, you are significantly more limited in what you can do.


Your business needs the right website for it to thrive. As a specialist website design and development agency, you can trust our team at DBS to identify the ideal CMS platform for building the perfect website for your business.

Working with DBS means that your website is in the hands of a solution-focused team of specialists. Using our many years of experience, we guide you through the choices available, outlining those that are best suited to your needs, goals, and aspirations.

We can take care of everything your website requires, from design and development to content to hosting and maintenance, allowing you to focus on running your business.

If you are ready to launch your new website, call 01522 811688 or email hello@dbs.digital to speak to a digital marketing expert at DBS today.

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