What Are The Benefits Of Bing PPC?

Whilst Google may be the best-known search engine, Bing should not be forgotten or dismissed when it comes to forming your paid advertising strategy. In this article we explain the benefits of Bing PPC.

What are Bing PPC Ads?

Bing PPC ads work very similarly to Google ads. You bid on keywords depending on their traffic volume and your ad is displayed when that keyword is searched. You do not pay for someone only seeing your ad, the user will have to click on the ad before you get charged.

With the majority of internet searches taking place on Google, it is completely understandable why businesses focus on Google, there are in fact a range of benefits for opting to advertise through Bing.

What are the benefits of Bing PPC?

Reach a different demographic

Different search engines are used by different people. So by focusing on another search engine, you can reach a whole new range of people. As a general rule of thumb, Bing users tend to be older and have a higher median income. If this is part of your ideal audience, then Bing should be a serious consideration for your PPC strategy. When Return on Investment (ROI) is a priority for your marketing, Bing should be a serious consideration.

Can keep costs low

Watching the cost of advertising spending is key to most businesses and the good news is that you can keep the cost of Bing adverts relatively low. This is partly due to the fact that Bing ads have a lower cost per click (CPC) than a lot of other platforms, meaning you can launch a campaign at a lower cost than other search engines.

DBS Digital can advise you on the best search platform with our Pay-Per-Click Management Services for your ads; it mainly depends on how small or big your budget is.

Less Competition

As we have mentioned before, we cannot ignore Google as they do have the lion’s share of internet searches. However, using paid ads on other search engines means that there is less competition, which in turn means your ads have a higher chance of being shown to your audience. Therefore, the chances are higher of people engagement with your ad. Exactly what you are aiming for!

Different types of ads

A great thing about Bing ads is the level of customization that is available for the ads. You are able to tailor your adverts and campaigns to particular audience segmentations. They were the first platform to allow advertisers to target people based on their location and by different time zones. This allows you more control over who the ad is shown to and helps keep the cost low while making your budget go further. There are also a lot of different ad types to choose from, which is ideal for advertisers.

Works with the extended Microsoft family

When you are using Bing PPC, it is not only Bing you are using. The ads also operate on two of Microsoft’s other search engines: Yahoo and AOL. Billions of searches are made monthly using the Microsoft network, which you are currently missing out on reaching.

Which should a business choose- Google PPC or Bing PPC?

A lot of businesses overlook Bing when it comes to PPC, but hopefully, this article has highlighted that this search engine is definitely not something you should ignore if you want to make your PPC strategy work at its best. Now that we have gone through the benefits of Bing PPC, you may be wondering: which is the best search engine for your business to focus on? Bing or Google? Whilst they both clearly have their merits, the answer is simply to do both wherever possible. There is no reason why businesses cannot successfully run great PPC campaigns on both Google and Bing at the same time. In fact, doing so can actually help reduce costs and make the overall performance of your ads stronger. Google remains the giant and this is unlikely to change in the near future. So combining the power of Google with the untapped potential of Bing can make the perfect team. Diversifying your advertising and splitting your marketing budget across multiple different platforms is recommended, as it helps your brand message gets seen by the most people.

DBS Digital provides Pay Per Click Services that will put your mind at ease and drive quality leads and traffic. Our dedicated team is here to help.

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