How to Build an Instagram following

If you’re wondering how to build an Instagram following, how to use Instagram for brand visibility or even just wondering if Instagram is worth doing for your business, then read on.

Is Instagram worth it?

Many people in the domestic cleaning industry might consider Instagram a futile waste of time. They’ve been in the industry for as long as they can remember and tried everything. They’re adamant that Instagram doesn’t work.

Does that sound familiar?


Well, let’s adjust our way of thinking. Let’s look back at our strategy. Our strategy could be along the lines of being the first name people in your community think of when they need a domestic cleaning service. To reach that strategy you have several tools or tactics at hand. Each of these tools or tactics performs different jobs but should be aligned to work with each other.

We’ll be putting together how all of these tools work together very soon, but needless to say, Instagram is a cost-free method of reaching thousands of people.

However, if you post on Instagram and expect the phones to be flooded, you’re in for a disappointment. This is where we adjust our way of thinking.

Social Media Marketing like Social Media Management and Social Media Advertising can be extremely effective and helpful. But it is a long game. Approach social media with the mindset that its effect will not be immediate.

So, with that in mind, our approach to Instagram should be one of minimal effort. If you spend an hour per day working on an Instagram post then yes, you won’t see a return on your time investment.

However, if you can develop effective habits, you can limit your Instagram posts to less than five minutes per day. In fact, you could even get your entire social media output down to ten or twenty minutes per week if you use a social media scheduling tool, such as HootSuite.

Ten to twenty minutes per week to do all your social media can be very effective. Ten to twenty minutes per week to reach thousands and thousands of people every single day. Ten to twenty minutes per week to demonstrate your industry knowledge and let the world know who you are is, in any business owners opinion, invaluable.

So, is Instagram worth doing for my domestic cleaning business? Read the above, it’s worth doing for any business.

How to Build an Instagram Following?

Building an Instagram following takes time. But if you do it well and if you do it with minimal effort and time, then it can be a very good tool to use. The equation for calculating any marketing effort is simple. The effort and cost must be lower than the result. So, if you can reduce the time spent on social media posting while still actually posting useful content, you’ll find you have far greater success.

Persevere with it. Develop habits and think of it as another tool to get to where you want to be. Below are some tips to get you started.

DBS Digital provides Social media Management Services so we can help you grow.

Use Your Network

First off, Time For You has an advantage over many businesses. Time For You is a collection of businesses that, put simply, should be working together. You’re not in competition with each other, so team up.

Find other Time For You franchises and follow them on Instagram. If another franchise posts a helpful tip, share it on your own page.

Likewise, reciprocate this by adding valuable content.

By working together and sharing each other’s posts, your own posts become stronger.


Post regularly. Infrequent posts will not grab the attention of your audience. Develop your audience to expect a post from you at the time you set.

It’s also worth trialing when you post. If you use a social media scheduling tool such as HootSuite this is easy. If not, you can still do this to great effect. Start by posting at 9 am for a week or two, then change it to 10 am, then 11 am. You’ll soon see which time works best for your audience by the number of interactions you receive.

Follow The Industry

Search Instagram for companies that are similar to yours but do not cover your region and follow them. Your Instagram feed will soon be full of useful tips that you too can share. You’ll also find that, unlike Facebook, Instagram users will follow you back. What’s better than that? You’ll have some of the industry leaders following your account and who knows, they might even share one of your posts if you do a good job.

Make a point to follow local businesses. Again, not only will they follow you back, but they may even share one of your posts. A well-established Instagram account could have thousands of followers, many of them in your local community. They don’t have to be cleaning companies, follow local bakers, local butchers, local artists, local charities, local everything that interests you. If you follow companies that interest you, guess what? Your audience will know a little bit more about you. And that is a good thing.

Use Hashtags

Stay with me on this one. If you’re unsure of what a hashtag is, click here.

If you post on Instagram without using hashtags, only the people that follow you will see it, unless somebody shares it, but don’t rely on that happening.

If you post on Instagram and include hashtags in your post, then your own followers will see your post, and people searching that hashtag. You just increased the reach of that post. Don’t use too many hashtags in one post as it can look spammy. But try different hashtags and you’ll soon find which ones are most effective for you.

For example, a photographer could find Instagram accounts that share photos from the local area. It’s free exposure. It’s a cost and time effective way of sending thousands of people to a website. If only one-per cent of those people goes onto to become an actual customer, that’s even better.


To wrap this up in a neat little marketing bundle…
Is Instagram worth it? It’s a free way to reach thousands of people and if you can put minimal time in but share valuable content, then yes, social media is one of the best ways to reach your audience.

How to build an Instagram, following? Be genuine. Use your network of Time For You colleagues to gain social proof on your posts. This way you’ll find more people paying attention which means you’ll get an engaged audience.

Follow your industry. Manufacturers of cleaning products often have great social media accounts. Follow them and share content you find interesting or that might help your audience.

Follow your community. If you want to be a part of your community, then get involved. Choose businesses that interest you and follow them.

Use hashtags. Find hashtags that are effective and you’ll increase the reach of your posts.

Remember, Instagram, like many other social media platforms, is well worth using if you can do it with minimal effort, in minimal time, and reach the right people.

Do you want to make the most out of social media? DBS Digital provides Social Media Management Services and Social Media Advertising Services so you can make the most of it. Our dedicated team is here to help.

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