How Often Should I be Posting On Social Media?

So, you have decided which social media channels you should be focusing on but now you are wondering how to best tackle these channels. It can be overwhelming to know what the best practices are for each channel as they vary significantly. Should you be posting every day? Several times a day? What will be best to get on the right side of the infamous social algorithms? Here we share how often you should be posting on social media.

How often to post is a question that has been asked constantly since social media became a thing and there is no simple answer. Otherwise, everyone would be posting the same. However whilst there is no one rule, evidence suggests that post frequency is an extremely important factor and can make a difference to the overall effectiveness and impact of your social media strategy.


Industry average- 4-5 posts. This number is high because of the range of content you can share here. From videos to customer service updates. It is also the go to platform for a large range of demographics which also explains the increased frequency. Try experimenting with video and see which types of posts your audience seems to prefer. The increased frequency can also be attributed to the fact that organic posts are getting more and more difficult to be seen due to Facebook algorithms. With this in mind consider using your best or most important posts in a Facebook ad to try and increase your reach.


Industry average 3-4 times a day. This high amount completely makes sense when you consider that the average lifespan of an individual tweet is usually only 18 minutes. Twitter was created as a stream of consciousness so ensure that your tweets are always timely. To get the most out of this platform, select your hashtags carefully and try and harness this channel as an effective customer service tool.


Industry average- once a day. Also bear in mind that you should focus on weekdays and prioritise these over weekends when the channel is not used as much. Make sure each of your posts counts on this channel as the Linkedin algorithm can quickly penalise posts they believe are spam. Also, improve the chance of your post’s success by encouraging your employees to share the business post on their personal LinkedIn profiles.


The industry average is 1-2 posts a day. Instagram users tend to check their feeds several times a day so this frequency makes sense. The key on Instagram is to vary the type of content you are sharing and where you are sharing it too. For example, Reels are proving to be more engaging than still photo posts. Also, ensure your feed posts are shared with your story as they are likely to reach more people and get more engagement using this root.

Tik Tok

TikTok Recommendation– 1-4 times per day. Posting regularly on TikTok can help you stay at the top of the feed for your audience. Use this frequency to vary your topics, the music, and the types of content you share to see what resonates most with your audience. If you are new to TikTok or video content in general, try not to worry about it being too polished. TikTok audiences often like the authenticity of more casual videos


Industry average- less than once a day. Focus on visuals for this channel. The most beautiful and eye-catching images perform best on this channel so ensure your photos are of a high standard. Use hashtags to help your content get found more easily and whilst you don’t have to post daily, try and pin consistently as the Pinterest algorithm prioritises and rewards profiles that are active and fresh. If your business is not in the creative industry, Pinterest is still not out of reach for you as infographics are extremely common. Try creating your own infographics using tools such as Canva.

Quality over Quantity

Bear in mind that the numbers in this article are only guidelines and industry averages. There is a fine line between inspiring your audience with your content and simply annoying them. Make sure you get the balance right.

Don’t post for the sake of it. Whilst posting often, it is consistency that is important as well as what the content is about. You want to be sharing content that your audience wants. Whether this is informative, interactive, or funny. If your content is not resonating with your audience, it won’t matter how much you are posting as it is not having the desired effect. This will be reflected in the lack of engagement and reach of your posts.

It completely depends on which platforms you are currently using as to how often you should be posting. Your sweet spot will depend on the combination of channels you are posting on as well as your audience. So try posting different amounts of content each week and by looking at analytics you will start to see what is working for you. Also, try posting at different times – you will eventually come up with times and quantities that work for your business. Having an understanding of ideal post frequency will make your social media planning a lot easier and will help you manage your workload more efficiently.

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