Blog Writing Top Tips

Starting a blog can seem overwhelming which is why Content Marketing Services are here to help. With so many blogs out there, it can be difficult to know how to make yours stand out. However, once you have found your niche and understand what topics you want to cover in your blog, you are already off to a great start.

Here, we share some of our blog writing top tips to help you get started.

Write About What You Love and Know

A key starting point is to always right about stuff you love and know. For businesses, your blog should be focused on your industry. This not only helps people find your business, but it will also help your blog be of higher quality as you are writing about stuff you know. For example, as a domestic cleaner, you should be writing about top cleaning tips, organisational tips, and more. These are the areas you have extensive knowledge in, and people want you to share that knowledge. By posting relevant blogs regularly, you will quickly build a following who will deem you as an industry expert. Writing about what you already know will automatically come more naturally to you as well, making the whole blog writing experience a lot easier and rewarding for you.

Offer Value

Linking on from my last point, ensure you are writing content that people are wanting. Give people the information they are after. By undertaking some keyword research, you can easily find out what topics and questions people are asking on search engines. From this research, you will have a great list of starting topics to work through. For example, people may be after quick ways to clean their oven. Therefore, a quick article sharing your advice on how to clean ovens will go down a treat with your target audience. If people don’t think your blog is providing value, they will be unlikely to return to read it again in the future.

Encourage Interaction

Your blog will grow the more people interact with it, so encourage this wherever possible. Ask people to comment and reply to any comments to start a conversation with them. Doing so will help get people talking about your blog. Interacting is a great way to build a community but also a fantastic way to receive feedback from your audience. If this feedback isn’t always positive, you can use this to amend your blog slightly. Audiences tend to love interaction as it helps a brand feel friendly and welcoming.

Before you launch your blog, ensure you have made it easy for people to comment. If people struggle to find somewhere to comment, they will just give up, which is a wasted opportunity.

Choose Your Post Titles With Care

Try and title your blogs with care. This is the first thing people will see and if they do not like the sound of the title, they will not click on it. Even if the rest of the article would interest them, they will never know as the title didn’t attract them. Keep the titles relatively short and punchy but with enough information that people will automatically know what the blog covers. Therefore, avoid vague, generic titles where possible.

Post Regularly

We have mentioned in our article on how to create a blog schedule that consistency is key. Having a blog regularly updated is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but also benefits your readers. If they know you post on a weekly basis (e.g. on a Friday) they will be anticipating a new blog each week and may be disappointed if one isn’t uploaded.

Add Imagery

People love images and they work really well as part of a blog. People love scrolling through and looking at images whilst skim reading the article. Try breaking up your blog with images to make it easier and more enjoyable for being to read.

Break Up Your Text

Make it easier for people to read your blog by using subheadings. Research shows that people tend to skim-read an article. Therefore try and keep your articles as easy, quick reads. From an SEO point of view, longer blogs are good. So to get the balance right, mix the content up with lists, and bullet points as these can help capture the reader’s attention and make the information easier to digest.

Measure Your Blogs

Once you have started publishing your blogs, you will start to receive analytic data. This information is vital and should be looked at on a regular basis. You can discover how people are finding your blogs, which ones are getting the most traffic, and much more. From here, you will be able to put a marketing plan together and target the channels that are helping send people to your blog.

Spell Check

Before you post anything to your blog, ensure you have triple-checked your spelling and grammar. Bad spelling and grammar can seriously impact the credibility of your blog. It also damages the quality of your SEO as search engines do not favour poorly written copy. Preferably, have someone else read your blog before you publish as they may be able to spot mistakes that you have missed.

A blog is a great way for a business to start a conversation with the followers, build a loyal community, get more people to your website and share your industry knowledge. Although writing blogs can be daunting, following these blog writing top tips can help make sure your blogs are of high quality.

DBS Digital provides Content Marketing Services so you can put your mind at ease and have quality content created for your business. Our dedicated team is here to help.

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Blog Writing Top Tips

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